AI and Machine Learning for Startup IP Strategy
May 17, 2018 (Thu)  11:00 AM  US/Pacific

As a startup or investor, you’re probably thinking about IP, and if not, you should be. Perhaps you’re starting this journey and want to build a robust portfolio that protects your growing business. Maybe you’re looking for partners or investors and want to showcase your technology investment to the buy-side. In either case, you’ll need good advice.

Startups face significant challenges accessing patent counsel. Obtaining a patent and forming an IP strategy is expensive. Good lawyers willing to work with early stage companies are difficult to find, and costs are hard to control. That makes protecting inventions difficult and explains why, according to Santa Clara IP Law Professor Colleen Chien, the top 1% of companies own roughly more than 70% of the patents in use today.

ClearAccessIP and Maschoff Brennan’s collaboration pairs an AI IP management tool with a lawyer-entrepreneur IP legal service - a unique offering in the patent industry.

Put the control back in your hands:
- Track your progress and watch your wins through a secure platform, updated daily
- Access an out-of-the-box patent workflow and suite of online tools to ensure you’re always ready to raise the next round
- Better leverage your attorney’s time by focusing on the highest level, highest value work by eliminating unnecessary administrative and duplicative tasks

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